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Original song for Memorial Day, 2001:
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On this day, we gather to remember--
Through the years--the sacrifices made;
Those who served for love of country;
Who freedom's song their lives proclaimed.
On this day, tell the children
Of their courage in the face of fear;
Of our thankfulness; of their nobleness--we must not forget.
And so to you assembled, and those who've gone before,
We express appreciation and pray for war no more.
On this day, we're grateful there's a heaven
Where they rest, awaiting those they love.
So to honor them, let's not just remember them--
Let us live the ways of peace.
Let us teach the ways of peace.

Copyright 2001 Diana S. Tyler

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The Spirit of 469 was born in 1989 with 5 members (2 guards, the American flag, the Auxiliary colors, and a sargeant) and continues to evolve each year. Our story can be found through the links below; we hope you will be entertained and inspired.


CONGRATULATIONS to The Spirit of 469, 1st place winners in Open Class color guard competition at the American Legion National Convention in Nashville, TN August 28, 2004!

Congratulations, too, to the Spirit of 469 for this web site, which won a Certificate of Excellence from the National Office of the American Legion Auxiliary's Public Relations Committee, October, 2004.

(Nashville 2004 pics are now posted here and elsewhere on this site!)

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